Cinema HD for Firestick – All Things You Need to Know

Most of us are already familiar with using Cinema HD across devices. So, is it possible to install Cinema HD on FireStick? How to install and use it? You will find the answers to these questions through the article below.

So, keep reading for more information!

Cinema HD for Firestick: Brief Review

Cinema HD is a popular online movie viewing application for the Android platform. There is no denying that this app is a perfect alternative for the Terrarium TV app, which was removed.

Cinema HD brings you a rich movie store covering many different genres. Moreover, they come with a vast library of TV shows and movies that constantly update the latest TV shows and movies. You can always find your favorite latest movies on this platform.

Many even consider this platform a perfect alternative to Netflix – one of the most well-known paid OTT apps. It provides users with TV shows and movies for free, making it the perfect choice for students or those on a tight budget.

This exciting application is packed with a friendly interface, making it easy to utilize, even for beginners.

Is Cinema HD Legal and Safe?

Although Cinema HD is free, it is a safe app. It doesn’t have any bugs that harm your devices.

We have scanned the Cinema HD file using various anti-virus software to help you answer this question. Fortunately, we did not find any malicious programs, viruses, or malware during the scan.

This app does not host any of its own content. Instead, it is an aggregator and fetches links from multiple sources from all over the world.

Despite the fact that watching pirated content is illegal and not recommended at all, this does not make this application illegal.

As mentioned above, Cinema HD does not host any content of its own. So instead, you will be directed to another specific page.

In other words, this application does not stream pirated content directly but instead directs you to such websites. Thus, it is unnecessary to worry about the legitimacy of this app.

We recommend using paid legitimate streaming sites like Netflix, Hotstar, Prime to access all the exclusive content.

Last but not least, you need to pay attention to the download source.

As the app is not available on the Play store, you will have to download it from a third-party website. Due to this reason, be mindful of the source you are downloading this app from.

Malware often comes with files downloaded from fake third-party websites. Stay away from those malware sites and only visit your trusted sites.

Cinema HD Features

Cinema HD is considered one of the perfect alternatives to Tea TV and Terrarium TV to stream your favorite TV shows and movies from trusted sources for free on all Android devices, Fire TV, Fire Cube, and Amazon Fire TV stick.

There will be almost no hassle during the installation and registration process. It even allows you to integrate Real Debrid and Trakt TV into this app. That way, you can sync it with all your other devices, allowing you to continue watching your favorite TV shows or movies on any device and anywhere.

It comes with a minimalistic and user-friendly interface – whether you’re a beginner, you’ll quickly get used to the navigation on this app. What’s more, this light storage app only takes up around 15 MB on your device.

This application is provided for free and does not incur any hidden fees. It also allows you to enable subtitles in multiple languages while watching movies.

You can even download your favorite movies to your device to enjoy them even when your device has no internet connection.

How to Use VPN while using Cinema on FireStick

As mentioned above, Cinema HD is a legal and safe-to-use application. It does not have a license to stream the content it provides. Therefore, we highly recommend that you use a reliable VPN service.

Cinema HD for Firestick Download

How to Install Cinema HD for Firestick

You need the help of one of the following two applications to download Cinema HD on FireStick:

1. Es File Explorer application.

2. Downloader Application.

Both methods are equally good. So which method you want to follow is up to you.

Utilize ES File Explorer

1: Make sure that the ES file has been downloaded. If not, you can download it in the same way as ExpressVPN.

2: Open your Es File Explorer application on the Firestick. You’ll see various options appear on the screen. Tap the ‘Downloader’ icon.

3: Once navigated to the following screen, tap on the ‘More’ or ‘+’ option.

Download Cinema HD for Firestick

4: Now, a box will pop up, requiring you to type the Path as well as the Name of the app you need to download.

Cinema HD for Firestick apk

5: Enter Cinema HD in the name section and type the next URL in the patch area: https://bit.ly/34uGNOt. Then, tap on the “Download Now” button.

6: The download box will show up at the front of the screen.

7: When the download process is complete, tap on the ‘Open folder’ option and press “Install.”

Cinema HD for Firestick apk download

8: The following window will pop up, and you need to click on “Install.” Then, the Cinema HD installation will begin.

Cinema HD apk

9: Eventually, you have to wait about two minutes for the installation to complete and press “Done.”

Cinema HD download

Utilize Downloader Application

1: Again, make sure the ‘Downloader’ application has been downloaded on your device.

2: Open this application and click on ‘Allow’ whenever it requires granting the required permissions.

Cinema HD download

3: Now, you’ll see the home screen of the app. You need to enter the URL https://bit.ly/34uGNOt into the box and tap on the Go button.

Cinema HD apk downloads

4: Now, the download process will occur. So all you need to do is wait for a minute or two.

Cinema HD APK on FireStick

5: Once the download is complete, click the “Install” button to proceed with the installation.

Cinema HD apk on firestick

6: Finally, you just need to wait a few more minutes for the application to be successfully installed on FireStick. A window will pop up to signal that your app is installed.

Cinema HD APK on FireStick

How To Utilize Cinema HD on FireStick

After successfully installing this app on Firestick, operating it straightforwardly. All you need to do is stick to some simple steps.
However, before using this app, you need to run ExpressVPN, which you have been instructed to install above to protect the IP address.

Step 1: Press and hold the Home button of the remote for seconds. Then select the Apps item.

Cinema HD

Step 2: You need to scroll down, find the Cinema HD icon, and tap it.

Cinema HD APK Download

Step 3: Occasionally, a window will pop up to let you know that a new update is available. You can click “Install,” and your app will be updated.

Cinema HD APK on FireStick

Step 4: Tap the “Accept” option in the Terms and Conditions to access the application.

Cinema HD for Firestick

Step 5: Now you have it! You will go to the main Cinema HD screen.

Cinema HD for Firestick

The Step By Step Guide to Turn On Subtitle on Your Cinema HD

This application is packed with subtitles enabled, allowing you to follow your favorite movies’ content is as easy as pie. Here is how it works:

Step 1: Choose and stream your favorite movie or TV show.

Step 2: Click “Dialogue.”

Cinema HD for Firestick

Step 3: Next, select the language you want from the available subtitle options.

Cinema HD APK Download

Step 4: Now your movie is played with subtitles

Cinema HD apk

Step By Step Guide To Setup Trakt TV within Your Cinema HD

This attempt allows you to sync your multimedia content across your devices. As a result, you can enjoy your favorite content anywhere.

Here’s how:

1: Tap “Menu,” symbolized by three horizontal lines.

Cinema HD for Firestick Download

2: Scroll down and choose the Settings option

Cinema HD for Firestick Download APK

3: Press “Login to Trakt TV.”

Cinema HD for Firestick Download

4: Remember the code provided on the screen. You can write it down on a piece of paper.

Cinema HD for Firestick

5: Open your browser and visit trakt. tv/activate and type the code provided earlier. After that, click “Continue.”

Cinema HD APK

6: Tap on “Yes,” and the Trakt authorization notification will appear.

Cinema HD APK

7: Return to your Cinema HD home screen.

Cinema HD APK on FireStick

By now, it is possible to resume your TV shows or movies on all devices via this app.

Cinema HD Real-Debrid Integration

This feature allows you to download your favorite TV shows and movies within the application.

1: Click “Menu” in the upper left corner, symbolized by three horizontal lines.

Cinema HD APK

2: Tap “Settings.”

Cinema HD APK

3: Click “Login to Real-Debrid.”

Cinema HD APK

4: Remember the code provided on the screen. You can write it down on a piece of paper.

Cinema HD APK Download

5: Open your favorite browser and visit real-debrid.com/device. After that, type the code provided from step 4. Then, click Continue. A complete authorization notification will appear.

Cinema HD APK Download

6: Return to your Cinema HD home screen and search for your favorite TV Show or Movie, Night of The Living Dead, for example.

cinema hd apk

7: You’ll see options highlighted yellow after choosing your content.

Cinema hd apk

Now, you can watch your favorite TV shows or movies using Real-Debrid within your Cinema HD.


1. What Is Cinema Apk?

It is a great app that lets you stream your favorite TV shows and movies from different sources.

2. What Devices Can Cinema HD be Installed on?

This application is available for installation on tons of devices, including the Amazon Firestick, the most prevalent streaming device available.

3. Is It Necessary to Use VPN?

We recommend using it to hide the IP of your device.

The Bottom Line

Now you have reached the end of our article.

We have provided you with installing Cinema HD for Firestick and other valuable information.

In our opinion, Cinema HD is a great movie streaming app that lets you stream your favorite TV shows and movies for free. It is the perfect pick for people who don’t want to spend money on paid apps like Netflix and Hulu.

If you get stuck at any step of this guide, don’t hesitate to let us know through the comments section. We would love to address your queries!


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