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Talking about BeeTV, there should be no complaints about this excellent streaming application. This app offers viewers the highest quality links for TV shows and movies without costing you a dime. The good news for Firestick users is that they can have BeeTV installed on this device!

Let’s go through our BeeTV for Firestick downloading guideline to learn the detailed installation process. We are sure that you will not regret having this free and smooth streaming app on your devices!

What Is BeeTV For Firestick?

BeeTV is a lightweight on-demand entertainment app compatible fully with your Firestick. With a team of professional developers backing it up, the streaming platform is regularly updated for up-to-date content and the latest improvements.

BeeTV apk

The app offers users countless shows, movies, and videos. There would be no difficulty using this one, as BeeTV’s user-friendly interface enables you to browse it with ease the first time.

You can find plenty of high-quality movie links, with the resolution rate being 1080+ on the app. The app also comes with Real-Debrid integration to improve the streaming quality. Your viewing history is available when you sign in to your Traktv account.

How To Install BeeTV For Firestick?

Firestick doesn’t enable users to download its file directly from the browser. Thus, you will need the help of a third-party app to get BeeTV installed. Here are two recommended apps and detailed installation instructions:

BeeTV download apk

Method 1: From Downloader Application

The very first thing is to acquire the Downloader app. This one is 100% free, so we highly recommend you use it. It is known as the most popular sideloading for FireStick as well.

On the Firestick home screen, click Find => Search and type “Downloader”. You will see the app in the search results and follow the instructions to install it.

First, enable the app for sideloading by clicking Settings on the home screen. Here, choose My Fire TV => Developer Options =>Install Unknown apps => Turn ON the Downloader.

At this point, we have successfully installed the Downloader. Let’s follow these steps to have BeeTV on Firestick:

  • Step 1: On Downloader’s Home tab, enter the URL field firesticktricks.com/bee by the on-screen keyboard.
  • Step 2: Wait for the app to download the BeeTV APK file. When a new screen pops up, scroll down and click Install.
  • Step 3: Wait for another minute to let Firestick install the BeeTV app. Then, there will be a notification you need to confirm for BeeTV installation.
  • Step 4: Don’t rush to use the app right away. Instead, click Done to redirect to the Downloader window. Click Delete on the following prompt.

This way, you have deleted the BeeTV APK file to spare storage space on Firestick. Before using the streaming platform on Firestick, users should know that everything you stream is visible to your Government and ISP.

Therefore, you may be unable to stream copyrighted content. However, a good VPN for Firestick will keep your streamline hidden.

This is because VPN is designed to let you bypass ISP throttling, Online Surveillance, and content geographical restrictions. Hence, you can freely watch any shows you want without any obstruction.

Download BeeTV For Firestick

Method 2: From ES File Explorer

It is worth noting that the file explorer will cost you nearly $10 per month for apps that work as both a third-party app’s side-loader and an excellent file manager.

Now follow those steps to have BeeTV on your Firestick with ES File Explorer:

  • Step 1: go to Settings and choose My Fire TV. Here, direct to Developer Options and Install Unknown Apps to enable ES File Explorer.
  • Step 2: Run ES File Explorer. There will be a range of options at the right corner of the screen. Here, you choose the “Downloader” option.
  • Step 3: Click +New and get a dialog box on the bottom. Enter the path box: https://www.firesticktricks.com/bee and fill in: “Bee”.
  • Step 4: Depending on your connection speed, the app will take around one minute or more to fully download the streaming app’s APK file.
  • Step 5: After downloading the file, click “Open file” and Install on the prompt. Follow all the APK installation on-screen guides, and it is ready for streaming!

How To Use BeeTV For Firestick?

Integrate Real-Debrid With BeeTV

The Real-Debrid functions for higher-quality streaming links. So don’t hesitate to log in by writing down your authorization code.

Direct to real-debrid.com/device on your browser and fill activation code. Click “Continue”, and you should get a complete authorization notification.

Choose Subtitles On BeeTV

BeeTV offers users a simple yet effective subtitle setup: OpenSubtitles. Let’s hover your favorite content over a stream source first to turn on the subtitles. Then, click “Play with subtitles” and choose your desired language.

Download BeeTV apk

Integrate Trakt.tv With BeeTV

Let’s integrate Trakt into your app with the following steps to check your viewing history. First, click the upper left menu icon and select “Settings”.

Scroll down and see the login to Trakt.tv option. Here, enter the code appearing on the screen. Then, go to trakt.tv, activate it, and fill in the previous code before clicking “Continue”.

As Trakt integration is complete, all you have to do is return to the home screen and sign in under your Trakt username.

Access And Use BeeTV

After installing the app, the icon is not always present on the home screen. Thus, you need to access it from the “apps and channels” in the section of acquired apps.

Locate it on the home screen so that you can use it as one of your primary on-demand entertainment apps. Here are detailed steps to do this:

  • Step 1: hold the Fire TV stick’s home press on the remote for five seconds.
  • Step 2: Now, a window will appear, and you should click “Apps”.
  • Step 3: Scroll down and choose the app icon to run the app.
  • Step 4: To move the app to the home screen, choose the Menu key and click Move.
  • Step 5: Use navigation buttons to move the icon to the top 3 rows. You can drop the icon in your desired spot by pressing Select.

When running the app for the first time, you will have to update it to a newer version. After the update, you can freely direct to the left sidebar and click Movies to browse your preferred series.

The small top-left triangle allows you to explore movies and TV shows according to genre and categories. Here, you can see a wide range of options from the drop-down menu, including comedy, popular, trending, crime, etc.

You can also look for films and Tv series by the year filter function.


BeeTV is surely one of the best video-on-demand apps available nowadays. The app enables Android and Fire TV users to stream their favorite TV series and movies.

Moreover, Firestick even comes with useful subtitles and lets you choose your preferred languages. Downloading BeeTV for Firestick should not cause you any difficulty if you follow our above instructions.

All you need is the best VPN for the Fire TV stick. This way, your streaming content will be kept secret. Now don’t hesitate to install it and enjoy endless recreational content with your loved ones!


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