Top Free Movie Apps

We are living in an era of booming entertainment and cinemas. Hence, the demand for movies is increasing significantly. There is no better feeling than sitting on your cozy sofa and chilling with your favorite series.


However, some people with a tight budget can’t enjoy their favorite genre entirely since most content nowadays requires a monthly payment.

But don’t worry! Understanding that situation, we have a decent list of the best free movie apps that charge you with zero cents! You heard it right! Excited yet? Scroll down now to find out what they are!

Best Free Movie Apps 2022

1. Cinema HD

Cinema HD is the first streaming app to appear on this list. It is currently one of the most famous platforms with high-quality, free content available on the web. Coming to this app, you have a chance to enjoy a huge collection of movies from various genres and countries, more than 20,000 TV series, and 3000 movies updated daily.

One plus point of this streaming platform is it offers a super intuitive and user-friendly interface. It allows users to navigate the app at ease without being distracted by other complicated features.


Here are the features of Cinema HD:

  • Downloadable content: You can easily download your favorite movies for later watching with some minor taps.
  • Built-in player: To minimize the time you spend finding your movies, it permits players to play their regular content immediately with an integrated player feature.
  • Recommendation: What will you do if you finish your current movie? The app will instantly suggest new ones based on the previous genre you’ve watched so that you can enjoy more and more amazing content from time to time.
  • Resuming option: If you pause your content for a while, you can resume it later. The app lets you pick up the point where you left off.

Cinema HD

2. Moviebox Pro

Coming up next is the Moviebox Pro. It is one of the best free movies platforms that enables you to jump in straight away with minimal ad interruption.

With a smooth interface and many amazing features, users can enjoy it without logging in and or paying for the subscription.

MovieBox Pro contains a large library of movies and TV shows organized by genres, ratings, release dates, etc. Most of the content’s resolutions on this platform are HD, providing you with the best cinema experience that you can hardly find at other streaming apps.

Moreover, users can download their favorite content for later watching without an internet connection.


What can you get from Moviebox Pro?

  • Free content: Users can get immersed in all the latest movies and TV series without spending a single cent with the highest resolution.
  • High-speed downloads: MovieBox Pro employs a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to improve your downloading speed. A CDN is made up of numerous servers located worldwide that contribute data to speed up loading times. As a result, you can download your favorite movies at a glance.
  • An updated collection: The app will constantly update more and more videos for you so that you can always keep up to date with the newest trending ones.
  • Subtitles in multiple languages: We have good news for those who are not native English speakers. This platform offers multiple language subtitles for you to choose from. With such convenience, you can easily understand what is going on in the movies.
  • Save all your top watches: You can choose to save a dot-on movie to your Favorite list, then share it with your friends and family. So great, isn’t it?
  • Available on various operating systems: Almost all popular operating systems can work perfectly with this app. MovieBox Pro supports iOS, Apple TV, Smart TV devices, and Android devices.

MovieBox Pro

3. BeeTV

Our first impression about BeeTV is a simple free movie app with a large pool of movies and TV series divided into different genres that people of all ages may appreciate. The interface of this platform is so clean and basic that even newcomers can get used to it in no time.

You could select different players (internal or external) up to your interest before watching. Users also decide whether to watch with or without subtitles, play with an external player or download anytime.

Especially, all the contents are in HD quality so that you can chill with your favorite one to the fullest.

BeeTV’s programming library is continuously updated with new releases. The app gathers broadcasts from reputable and high-quality sources to ensure a seamless viewing experience for users.


BeeTV satisfies you with:

  • Voice search: BeeTV supports voice search, making your searching work easier than ever. All you have to do now is sit comfortably at your comfy couch and make commands through your voice. However, instead of developing a separate voice search button, it leverages the existing one from the Android onscreen keyboard.
  • Built-in media player: The app includes a built-in player that enables you to stream without interruption. This will ensure that the quality of videos always stays at the highest resolution.
  • No login required: No need to do the complex sign-up or sign-in work. BeeTV lets you rejoice its amazing content without having to create an account. More time-saving, more joyful!
  • Wide content library: This program does not host any content on its servers; instead, it scans the internet for links to movies and TV series, then organizes and displays them to you. The app’s scraping mechanism allows it to provide a wide range of content. It has practically all of the latest movies and TV series available.


4. TeaTV

TeaTV is another movie streaming platform where you can enjoy endless movies and TV series without spending a single penny. This app is a great way for you to satisfy your cinematic passion, keep track of the latest trending shows or series with just a touch.

You will never confront any lagging issues since this application boasts great optimization, even if your device is a low-configuration one. Every movement and navigation is so smooth and easy, delivering you one of the best experiences that you have ever had before.


Here are what TeaTV offers you:

  • Multi-device support: This app is available on various platforms and operating systems, including Android, IOS, and Windows. There is a separate installer file for each of the operating systems described previously. So no matter what type of devices you are using, you can always download this wonderful streaming app easily.
  • Superb quality: Like other streaming platforms, users can enjoy the content from TeaTv with the highest quality – 1080p. This Full HD resolution will ensure a prime cinema-like experience on your devices.
  • Free of ads & bloatware: You will no longer have to encounter annoying ads over this platform. It is completely free of interrupting ads. Moreover, this app also comes with software bloats that help you acquire a stable connection even with slow internet speed.
  • Chromecast support: TeaTV supports perfectly Chromecast-enabled systems, making streaming to TV a breeze. All you need to do is play your favorite video on this app and tap on the cast button. It will automatically cast the video to the TV that is connected to the same Wi-Fi network.


5. CatMouse

Used to be a big hit with the internet streamers for a long time, CatMouse deserves a spot on this list. Using this app, users will have the opportunity to discover a huge collection of new movies and TV shows at no cost.

There is a wide variety of genres for you to choose from, so don’t worry about the lack of your favorite one. It also comes in hundreds of languages, super suitable for those who are not native speakers.

The software is well-maintained and updated with new content on a regular basis. It obtains high-quality streaming links using the greatest scrapers.

The user interface of CatMouse is quite basic and easy to navigate, with two primary parts of media content: Movies and TV Shows. You can choose any content from each section that you would love to enjoy. As easy as pie!


CatMouse comes with the following features:

  • No registration required: There is no need to register a new account in CatMouse. This means that you won’t have to publicize your personal information and will save you a lot of time. You can simply turn the app on and jump right into your favorite videos at no time.
  • High-quality content: In CatMouse, users are always guaranteed to watch movies with the highest resolution. Unlike other streaming apps where you need to pay some fees to get the full HD definition, CatMouse made it free!
  • Categories: The app has various titles divided into different categories. Regardless of what you are searching for, there are always thousands of choices for you. From sports, horror, comedy, and action drama, CatMouse has them all.
  • Reminder: Users can set a reminder for upcoming movies or TV series in CatMouse. The app will automatically send a notification to your devices right when the movies are released.
  • Integrated media player: This platform includes a built-in media player that supports over 50 video formats! Thanks to this feature, you will no longer have to use third-party media players.


6. MovieHD

Entering the scene as a free streaming platform, MovieHD spoils you with a vast library of new releases, cult classics, and popular TV episodes. The app is developed and arranged specifically for Android. It does not require any subscriptions or sign-ups.

The application features a simple layout, but the sheer amount of movies available will put a smile on your face. Undoubtedly, it is an ideal substitute for other subscription-based streaming platforms where provides free audio-visual content.


With MovieHD, you can benefit from:

  • HD definition: Stream your beloved films in all current resolution: 360p, 480p, 720p or 1080p.
  • Massive collection: Enjoy their incredible library of brand-new videos as well as cult classics.
  • Daily updates: New content and videos are updated regularly!
  • Filter & search: Classified by user rating, release dates, categories, and more.
  • Free for good: The MovieHD app requires no fees to download and use.
  • Supporting chromecast: Stream your favored movies from your phone or send them to a bigger screen for a genuine cinematic experience.
  • Excellent user interface: No squandering time looking for videos! With its clear and intuitive UI, you can quickly find what you’re looking for.


7. TyphoonTV

To close our list, we would give TyphoneTV a special praise. It is one of the most famous free movie apps that provide high-quality movie links without annoying ads.

Users are free to choose from a wide array of genres and ages here: from TV series on Netflix to Amazon Prime, etc. One minor thing you should notice, you must select a default player first before you can begin watching.


TyphoonTV serves you with:

  • One-click streaming: With this program, you won’t have to waste time looking for valid links to your preferred movie or series. Simply tap the movie you would love to watch, and the app will automatically identify a valid source and begin streaming for you.
  • Massive library: The TyphoonTV also offers a massive library of new and classic movies and TV episodes, even the latest ones.
  • Requesting channel: The app permits you to request your favorite content if it is not currently available. You can go to the request area and ask for an update of your movie, and Typhoon TV will try its best to make it through.
  • Third-party player support: If you don’t want to employ the built-in player, you can totally use another third-party media player up to your interest.

Click here to download it now: [LINK-Updating]


The age of streaming is upon us. We hope that with these best free movie apps, you will find a haven to satisfy your cinematic passion. Each of our suggestions will come with different advantages, but they are all free and possess huge content for users.

Have you ever experienced any one of them? Leave us a comment to let us know!