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    Experience Pocket on Windows
    and Windows Phone.

    Poki on device

» The first thing you’ll notice about Poki after you download is the design. It’s one of the most beautiful apps you’ll find in the Windows Phone Store. This is Metro. «

» Poki, blends the flat "Metro" design of Windows Phone with the basic features of Pocket and mixes in some rather unique additions of its own. «

» It also displays the primary feature I've always wanted to see in the official Pocket app, or on their website, or anywhere: the total count of the items you've got sitting around. I have no idea when I'll find the time to sift through 2,952 articles, links, and videos, but at least I finally know how much catching up I have to do. «

» ... the whole user interface is colorful and eye-pleasing «

How it works



Save online media (articles, images and videos) you want to view later to Pocket and access it everywhere.


There are thousands of apps that can save content to Pocket (twitter, web plugins, ...).
You can access your saved content on all your devices with the official Pocket apps and third-party clients like Poki.

View offline

Pocket not only lets you organize your bookmarks, but also displays your content in a clutter-free way, even when you are offline.


Get the best Pocket experience on Windows and Windows Phone

Windows 10 is only supported for the desktop/tablet version. Poki for Phones is not officially supported.


Full Offline Support

Choose how many articles get downloaded for offline usage. You can even add, update and delete items when offline and sync them when online again.

Background Sync

Poki automatically syncs with your Pocket account when it is closed.


Automatic language detection and ability to continue when Poki is closed.


The new achievements (30 in total) display the overall and individual progress and let you share your current status.


Introducing Pocket