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Users have changed their habits from watching videos on PC to their portable devices. Free movie apps for smartphones with fast installations are becoming popular. There is a need for an application that allows iOS users to watch and download different high-resolution file formats.

Many different streaming platforms are created. Sometimes, people get confused about choosing an appropriate tool for their needs. They download some software and realize that it’s a fake one. This article will dig into a true all-in-one streaming app – Moviebox Pro for iOS.

Moviebox Pro For iOS

Overview About Moviebox Pro For iOS

This platform is the most popular and authoritative store of movies, TV shows, and other entertaining content among iOS users. It is a huge library that contains different celebrity content, including exclusive ones.

You are free to access all of these programs, news, events, awards, and gossip. You can access Hollywood and Bollywood award ceremonies; read news about your favorite films with details of casting actors, actresses, etc.

This amazing app allows you to watch and download popular content to your devices. It offers you more than 200 languages, so feel free to stream your program without any language barrier.

It is a perfect platform for people who cannot afford to pay to watch stuff.

Noticeable Features

Free Of Charge

Moviebox Pro For iPad provides free access to unlimited movies and programs. The latest releases are available for you without any cost. There are a variety of genres to choose from. You will never get bored with this app.

All content is updated regularly. This platform can suggest to you what is trendy. You will never stay out of date of celebrity news.

One more plus of this movie app is streaming videos in different languages. Tap on the three dots on the right top of the screen to change the language. Enjoy it at your most comfortable.

Fast Download Support

Moviebox Pro For iOS supports fast download by using Content Delivery Network (CDN). Various servers from different locations in CDN help users download content at high speed.

Having your videos stream offline is a good idea when you travel or don’t have the internet. This platform allows you to do so for free.

Download Moviebox Pro For iOS

Easy To Use

Moviebox Pro For iPhone is a mobile store that offers free content on your portable devices. The friendly and easy-to-use interface helps users find their favorite movies and TV shows easily. All content is categorized and ready to play in one click.

The navigation of the app is created in the most user-friendly way. There are some useful sections that you can find, such as Trending, Popular, Last Updated, and Latest.

The Watch Later feature allows you to save your favorite videos and stream them when you have time. Videos you saved there will not be removed until you manually do so.

High-Quality Movies And TV Shows

Moviebox Pro For iOS has more than 15000 movies and TV shows available with subtitles and audio. You can find them in H265 compression and 360-pixel resolution. The app lets you enjoy your trending content with high resolution.

Moreover, high-quality videos give you a better experience to stream them to TV. This application will let users connect to the TV and stream videos from portable devices. Feel free to bring the cinema to your house with this amazing streaming app.


Moviebox Pro For iOS is not overwhelmed by ads. You can relax to watch your favorite program without being disturbed by pop-up advertisements.

Moviebox Pro For iPhone

How To Install Moviebox Pro For iOS

There are many ways to install this tool on iOS devices. The devices should be iOS 10+. You may need an invitation code in some cases. There is no requirement for jailbreak.

Use “SReader” On App Store To Download

  • Download SReader, which is available in the App store. No revoke.
  • Tap on the app and upload by Google Drive
  • Sign in to Google Drive and start using Moviebox Pro For iOS

Use “Attractive Places” On App Store To Download

If you already have a Moviebox account, you can use this method to install it on your phone. Otherwise, you may need to enter an invitation code after logging in to your Gmail account. Here are the steps:

  • Search in the App Store for “Attractive Places” and install it on your tablet
  • Download Moviebox platform
  • Open “Attractive Places”, tap the Plus sign on the top right corner, choose “Photo” image, select Google Drive, then sign in to your Gmail account, and enjoy.

Use “Daily Family Meetings Record” To Download

  • Install “Daily Family Meetings Record” from the App store
  • Download Moviebox Pro For iOS
  • Select Moviebox App store, download Apple logo
  • Open “Daily Family Meetings Record”
  • Click the “Plus” sign on the top right corner, choose the “Plus” sign below, select Google Drive.
  • Sign in your Gmail account. If you are a new user, you also need an invitation code to activate the account and use the platform.
  • Then you can enjoy the app with “Daily Family Meetings Record.”

“Test Flight” – Download Online Without Computer

  • Download “Test Flight” from the App store
  • Download Moviebox tool
  • Add it to the “Test Flight”
  • The platform is ready to use without revoke but will be expired within 90 days

Moviebox Pro apk

“Cydia Impactor” – Computer Needed Download Method

  • Side-load Movie Box IPA on your PC
  • Download the GUI tool “Cydia Impactor”
  • Connect your iOS devices to the computer via a USB cable
  • Open the “Cydia Impactor”, drag & drop the downloaded IPA file (step 1) onto it.
  • Type in your Apple password and ID. After verifying, you can install the movie application on your devices.
  • There is no jailbreak needed. The IPA requires you to resign every seven days if you have a regular Apple account and one year if you have a developer account.


Moviebox Pro For iOS stands out for its amazing features. You have a chance to watch new movies, trendy TV shows, and other exclusive content here. It offers you various categories that can satisfy all tastes.

The app has most of the necessary functions that a streaming app should have. These functions are developed to give users the best streaming experience. Compared to other paid platforms, this free application is worth downloading.


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