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Nowadays, the need for watching films on electronic devices like iPhone or Ipad is increasing significantly. That is because people are too busy with their work to go to the theater and enjoy brand new blockbusters.

And Movie HD for iOS comes to the world as your lifesaver. With this app on your iOS devices, you can enjoy all film genres anywhere. You might wonder why we have to choose this app over other famous movie streaming platforms on the market like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney+?

Let’s discover this article to figure out the answer to your question!

What Is Movie HD for iOS And Its Features?

What is Movie HD?

The Movie HD for iOS is a brand new streaming app that is a popular and well-known way to view films, trailers, and television series. You may use your iOS smartphone to view all of your favorite TV shows, films, and other media.

Because the video is sourced from an Internet page, you can count on seeing it in high definition. It has a resolution range of 720p-1440p.

Movie HD for iOS


  • All films and TV series, both old and new, are available on this platform for you to watch online and download to watch later.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Different resolutions: 480p, 720p HD, and 1080p FHD allow you to have the best cinema experience regardless of the Internet speed.
  • Based on the performance of your device.
  • No banner, pop-up advertisement, or commercial.
  • There are 3D films provided.
  • Save to watch whenever you want by adding to favorites.
  • Can Share Wifi.
  • High-performance servers provide quick streaming and downloads.
  • No need to sign up to watch films.
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device to install.
  • Just by clicking the “information”, all blockbusters and TV series information will pop up.
  • With various filters like 3D, New, Popular, Rating, New, you can reach your favorite films quickly and easily.

Download Movie HD for iOS

How To Download And Install Movie HD For iPhone/iPad Without Jailbreaking

Before downloading Movie HD for iPhone or Ipad, make sure that your devices are compatible with it.

All iPhone models starting from iPhone 4S can download and install this software. Besides that, these devices must be running on at least iOS 7.1.2.

To download Movie HD for Ipad, your Ipad must belong to the Ipad Mini and Ipad Air models and operate on iOS 7.1.2.

When all the requirements above have been met, there are two ways to set up this software. The first one uses the AltStore app, and Cydia Impactor is the latter.

Cydia Impactor

In the beginning, You must download the Movie HD IPA file on your PC. Then install Cydia Impactor and unzip the file. Following that, run the impactor.exe program.

Download Movie HD IPA

After that, connect the Apple devices with the PC using a USB-to-lightning connector and wait for Cydia Impactor to recognize your device. When this step is done, add the Movie HD IPA file.

Your Apple handset will require you to input a password and Apple ID to install this program.

When the installation is complete, go to Setting > General > Profiles & Device Management and grant trust to access the device’s data. And when you go back to the home screen, your favorite blockbusters are waiting for you.


First and foremost, you need to go to AltStore.io to download and install AltStore. Then use any accessible web browser on your Apple tablet or smartphone to download the Movie HD IPA file. After that, please tap on the AltStore icon and choose the My App section.

You touch the + icon on the left corner and tick on the Movie HD for iOS IPA file downloaded before. This app will then be installed on your iOS device.

Next, you go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management. Tap on a newly installed profile and grant trust to access the device’s data.

Finally, get back to the home screen and enjoy your favorite films.

Movie HD Apk

Pros And Cons of Movie HD for iOS


  • Free of charge
  • No jailbreak needed
  • Offer thousands of films and TV series for free with high-resolution quality.
  • New films will be updated daily.
  • Easy to use thanks to its interface and compatible with tons of handsets.


  • Require the stability of your Internet connection to have a seamless experience.
  • The unknown about the origins of the content uploaded on this streaming platform.
  • You have to reinstall Movie HD for iOS every seven days.

FAQs About Movie HD For iOS

Is It Safe To Use Movie HD App?

Yes, this software is safe for your devices as long as you download the file from reliable sources which contain no harmful bugs.

Do I Have To Pay To Watch on Movie HD?

This app is provided for free, so you don’t need to pay a single penny to enjoy your favorite blockbusters.

Is Movie HD Illegal?

Although we don’t know whether all the content on that app is legal, so far, there has been no complaint about copyright violations by users.

How Can I Download Free Movies on iOS?

First, you need to open this app on your devices and touch on any films or TV series that you want to save to watch later. Then you play those films and click the page-like icon on the top right. And your blockbusters will be downloaded immediately.

Can You Install Movie HD APK On iOS?

Unluckily, using an APK file is not a way to install the Movie HD for iOS on Apple handsets. To have this software on your iPhone or Ipad, you can consider two methods we mentioned above.

How Can I Install Movie HD on iPhone/Ipad?

There are two ways to install this application on your Apple devices without jailbreaking. These two ways are Cydia Impactor and AltStore.

Movie HD


After going through this article, you already know how to have Movie HD for iOS on your Apple products.

Via Cydia Impactor and AltStore, you can get this app installed and enjoy the world of cinema at your home.

Thank you for reading, and have a good time chilling with your favorite films.


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