Help + Tips

Help + Tips provides answers and resources if you need help or just want to learn how to use Poki for Windows and Windows Phone.

General General

I want feature XY!#
Sure. Write us a mail so we can talk about it.
Feature XY is available in the official Pocket app, but not in Poki. Why?#
Pocket does not provide all functionality to third-party developers (like cee), so there is no way to implement certain features.
This includes: "Highlights", "Send to friend", "Suggested Tags", "Trending" and "Account Settings".
Poki is not available in my language. What can I do?#
Poki is fully translated by users who want to support the app.
In case you want your language to get added, give us a hint or help us and do it yourself - just contact us.
Where do I find the hidden Pio?#
You have to click something to unveil him.
We know that he would LOVE it to take a look at your startscreen, so take this into account!
How can I join the beta?#
Beta is for the press, translators and friends.
In case you are one of them, just let us know!
Will you make an RSS/feed reader based on Poki?#
We don't think so. But who knows what the future brings.
I have found a bug!#
See Problems section

Account Account

Why can I manage my account settings in the official Pocket apps, but not Poki?#
That's because Pocket does not provide this functionality for third-party developers (like cee).
To manage your account please visit the Pocket website.
What is Pocket?#

Poki is a client for the service Pocket which lets you save articles and media to read or view later.
In fact Pocket has official apps on iOS and Android, but not on Windows.
That's why independent developers (like us with Poki) create apps to bring these services to Windows and Windows Phone.

If you want to learn more about Pocket, visit their website

Why do I need to register/login?#

To keep your articles synced on the web, browsers, and other Pocket apps, you will need a Pocket account.
Thankfully, once you get yourself an account everything is synced for you automatically.

If you want to create a new account, you can either signup on the pocket website or in Poki. Poki does not create a "special" account, it only redirects you to the Pocket website in a touch-friendly view.

I can't login although I have an account.#

First of all, try to log in on the Pocket website. If this doesn't work, then you should check if your username + password are correct or contact the Pocket support in case they are.

Possible solutions

  1. Check if your internet connection is active as you will need it for authentication and initial download.
  2. Did you permit the permission request after the login? If you decline this, Poki can't download any data associated with your account.

If nothing helps, please contact with a description where you got stuck and what the error is so we can help you to fix the problem!

How can I login with my google+ account?#
The login screen does not provide a "login with google" button, nonetheless you can login by using your google e-mail as the username and your assigned password.
In case you did not assign a password when creating your Pocket account, you can create one here.
How do I log out or change my account?#
Windows Phone

On the home screen go to the left and click on your username at the top.
This will open a dropdown where you can log out.
(optionally you can click on TASKS and choose LOGOUT there)

Don't worry if you change your mind as you will have to confirm the logout.


Click on the settings icon in the sidebar and choose Account. The following screen will provide an option to logout.

Do I need to log in for both the Windows and Windows Phone version?#
Poki 2 is a new Universal app where your data is bound to your Microsoft account.
You will get automatically logged in on all your Windows devices if you do it on one device.
Do I loose my achievements if I log out?#
The achievements are bound to your Microsoft account and synced across your Windows devices.

Payment Payment

Do I get Poki Premium if I have paid for Poki 1?#
You will get access to Poki Premium on Windows Phone!
I have paid for Poki 1 but Poki 2 didn't upgrade me to Premium, what shall I do?#
In case this happens please contact and we will unlock the Premium account for you!
I want to get Premium, but store purchases are not available in my country.#
First of all you can contact the Windows Support Team, which can help you regarding payment questions.
If there's really no way to enable payment for you, you can wait for special promotions on our twitter account @pokiapp to get a chance for a promo code! Or buy us a beer
Which benefits do I get with the Premium version?#
  1. Background synchronization
  2. Update items when offline
  3. Multi-editing of items
  4. 4 themes
Do I get Poki Premium if I have Pocket Premium?#
No, as Pocket Premium has nothing to do with Poki Premium.
Why is Poki Premium not free?#
Because it took a lot of time to create it and otherwise couldn't be maintained anymore.
Are you going to make it free?#
No, sorry.
How to use a promotional code?#
Windows Phone
  1. Go to the SETTINGS page and click on LICENSE
  2. Open the bottom bar and click on redeem a code
    Redeem a code in Poki
  3. Enter your received code and wait for it to verify with our server (you will need to be online for this process).
  4. After successful verification a new free package will be listed, which you can get by clicking on it.
    You need to unlock this package so Poki Premium gets bound to your Microsoft account und you won't loose it after reinstall or activation on another device.
  1. Click on the shopping-bag icon in the sidebar.
  2. Choose redeem a code from the links in the bottom corner
  3. Enter your received code and wait for it to verify with our server (you will need to be online for this process).
  4. After successful verification a new free package will be listed, which you can get by clicking on it.
    You need to unlock this package so Poki Premium gets bound to your Microsoft account und you won't loose it after reinstall or activation on another device.
What is a promotional code for?#
A promotional code unlocks Poki Premium and unlocks all premium features.
Where do I get a promotional code from?#
The codes are given away in special promotions (follow us on twitter @pokiapp so that you don't miss them!) and on use-case basis.

Problems Problems

I can't login although I have an account#
See Account section
I have paid for Poki 1 but Poki 2 didn't upgrade me to Premium, what shall I do?#
See Payment section
I have found a bug!#
Just contact the Poki support with a description of the problem and we will try to fix it as soon as possible.
Thank you :-)
Some items are missing or not correctly updated in the list view#
Possible solutions:
  1. Take a look at the selected filter. Did you accidentally changed it to the wrong filter?
  2. When did you last sync your list with Pocket? Maybe you should do it
  3. In case it is automatically updated, check when the background sync was called the last time (in SETTINGS > UPDATING)
  4. If nothing helps you can refresh the complete list from Pocket (as by default only the updates since the last sync time are downloaded). You can do this by going to TASKS and clicking on Refresh ... (Windows Phone only)
The background sync does not work (anymore) ...#

In case the background sync stopped working, you can check the current status in SETTINGS > UPDATING. This will display the Last Sync Time in case it has already run before.

Possible solutions:

  1. Deactivate and activate the Background synchronization toggle in SETTINGS > UPDATING, to trigger the registration of the task
  2. Windows Phone: Go to the Battery Saver app on your phone and search for the Poki app. Is the app allowed to run in the background there? If not, you need to enable this!
    Windows: Go to your PC Settings and click on PC & devices > Lock Screen. Add Poki to the list of Lock-screen applications.
  3. Are you not using Poki Premium? 'Cause Background synchronization only works for Premium users ;-)

Multi-Editing is a Poki Premium feature

The article displays the wrong content (or no content at all)#
Poki uses the official Parser by Pocket, which is used to retrieve the article contents.
In case something is not displayed as expected (and does not work on too) you need to report this to the Pocket Support team.
If the content is different from and the article is displayed correctly there, please send us a mail with the problem description and the URL to the article.
Other problems#
If you have any other problems with Poki, please contact us.
Our support will help you as soon as possible :-)

Sharing Sharing

How to save articles from Internet Explorer#
Windows Phone
  1. Open the article/website in IE you want to save
  2. Open the bottom bar and click on share page
    Share to Poki from IE
  3. Select Poki from the list
    Share to Poki from IE
  4. Poki will open and you can save the link by clicking on the add button.
  1. Just use the share charm as you would do within any other windows app.
Save articles from other apps#
There are a lot of apps which can either share to Pocket or implement link sharing, where you can select Poki to save the link to.
If you have an app that should implement this but doesn't do yet, please contact their support, as Poki can't do anything here.
Save articles from the desktop browser#
All major browsers on the desktop have a Pocket plugin which you can install.
Grab them on the Pocket website.
Other ways to save to Pocket#
You can find a How to save guide on the Pocket website for all the ways on how to fill your pocket list.
Bookmarklet from Poki 1 (Windows Phone)#

As Poki 1 could not extend the Share List, it had to use a special bookmarklet (which is saved to the browsers favorites).
This bookmarklet still works in Poki 2, if you want to use it.

Steps to create the bookmarklet:

  1. Open Internet Explorer and click add to favorites on any website
  2. Name your favorite "+ POCKET" or something equal.
  3. Replace the Web address with the following code:
  4. Everytime you want to save a website from IE now, just go to the favorites and select the created bookmark!

Tips + Tricks Tips + Tricks


Enable the transparent Tile (Windows Phone)#
To enable the transparent tile go to SETTINGS > TILES and click on the Tile color toggle.
The tile will update immediately.
Share tips#
See Sharing section


Scroll to top#
Click on the poki logo and let the magic happen ;-)
Quick-Actions (update / share / open in browser)#
To open the quick-action bar long-press an item until the quick-action bar becomes visible. If you are using a mouse right-click an item.
The actions are the following (from left to right): Archive, Favorite, Edit Tags, Share, Open in browser, Delete
Press and hold an item Press and hold an item
Filtering and Sorting#
To change the filter and sorting, click on the list header.
Filter and sort the list
Your filter + sorting setting gets saved and will load automatically when you launch Poki.
Multi-Editing of items#
Windows Phone

To enable the multi-editing mode you need to click on the select button in the bottom bar.
After doing this you can select the items you want to edit by clicking on them.


To enable the multi-editing mode you need to click on the flag icon on the top of the list.
After doing this you can select the items you want to edit by clicking on them.

Multi-Editing is a Poki Premium feature

Article view

Open article in browser#
To open an article in the browser from the details view click on the URL below the header.
See progress and scroll to top#
While scrolling a circle appears in the lower left corner which displays your reading progress.
Tip: By clicking it you can get back to the top.
Action Bar#
The action bar sits in the lower right corner (and right sidebar on Windows) and includes:
  1. Actions to update or delete the article
  2. Share the link or the full article text
  3. Listen to an article
  4. Change theme, font size and font style
Swipe to next or previous article (Windows Phone)#
You can change to the next article by swiping to the left (previous article by swiping to the right) from any position in the article.
Listen to an article#

Open the action bar and click on the listen button. Click on the play button to play the active article.
In case you are already listening to a different article you can switch to the current article by clicking on Play current article.

The article will be played in the background, so you can switch apps or close Poki completely without cancelling the audio.
Use your phone's volume controls to reveal the Pause/Play buttons for the currently playing article.

You can change the voice gender and fallback voice language in SETTINGS > ARTICLE.

Share the article text#
In the article view you can share the full text of an article. Open the action bar, click on the share button, select Text and choose your target application!
View videos inline or in the browser#
By default Poki tries to load videos in an installed app like Vimeo or MetroTube.
If you want to display the videos in the article or open them in the browser, you can change this in SETTINGS > ARTICLE.


How does background synchronization work?#

The background synchronization feature allows the app to update your list while Poki is not running.
It will do the following when running:

  1. Send pending updates to Pocket
  2. Get new articles and updates from Pocket
  3. Download text from new articles

The task will only run when you are connected to the internet.
You can change the interval or completely deactivate the task in SETTINGS > UPDATING.

Background synchronization is a Poki Premium feature

Other ways to synchronize the list#
  1. Manually sync by clicking on the sync button on the bottom bar (on top of the list on Windows)
  2. Automatically sync on startup. You can enable this feature in SETTINGS > UPDATING
Delete old items you probably don't need anymore (Windows Phone)#

In Poki 2 we have added a new feature which allows you to completely remove old items.
In the TASKS view you can select how old the items should be at least (in months).
After clicking the Cleanup ... button you will get a list of items to delete and can de-select single items if you want to keep them.

Warning: This will not only remove the items from Poki but also from your Pocket account.

Synchronization problems#
See Problems section
Store more articles for offline#
If you want to store more articles for offline usage, you can change the setting in SETTINGS > STORAGE and store up to 1.000 articles for unread, favorites and archive.