Poki 2 for Windows Design

Poki 2 Multi-Editing


Update multiple items at once.


Search by name, URL and tags. Even when offline.


Poki rewards you for being an avid reader.


Switch between 4 app themes and 5 reading themes.

Poki 2 Listening Audio


Automatic language detection and ability to continue when Poki is closed.

Poki 2 for Windows Phone Design

Poki 2 Reading View

Background Sync

Poki automatically syncs with your Pocket account when it is closed.

Full offline support

Choose how many articles get downloaded for offline usage.
You can even add, update and delete items when offline and sync them when online again.

More Features


Customize the reading view (5 themes and full font control). View videos inline, listen to the article and swipe to the next or previous article.


The list view lets you filter and sort (by date and reading time), multi-edit your items and display the estimated reading time.


Settings give you full control of Poki. For example you can choose how many article to save, when to sync and what the tile should look like.


The new tasks view allows you to logout, refresh all items from Pocket and delete old items, which you probably don't need anymore.


The new achievements (30 in total) display the overall and individual progress and let you share your current status.

A lot more to discover ...

Just try Poki, it's free. And take a look at our Help + Tips where you can learn a lot about how to use Poki!