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2.1.2 (June 06th, 2016) Windows + Windows Phone#
  1. Sync task works again (crashed in previous version)
  2. Fix a few bugs which caused crashes
2.1.0 (April 14th, 2016) Windows#
  1. This build finally works with Insider (Redstone) builds again
  2. Don't display domain in username if an email account
  3. Show unread articles in search results first
  4. Colored archive icons in list
  5. New Premium Page
  6. Hide Premium button when already purchased
  7. Remove voice options as this functionality is not yet available
  8. Better usable (but worse looking :-/ ) titlebar
  9. Update of all dependencies/packages
2.1.0 (March 23rd, 2016) Windows Phone#
  1. Smaller logo
  2. Don't display domain in username if an email account
  3. Show unread articles in search results first
  4. Images in list
  5. New button style
  6. Colored favorite + archive icons in list
  7. "Clear queue" task in case the queue is stuck/broken
  8. New Premium Page
  9. Update of all dependencies/packages (January 18th, 2016) Windows Phone#
  1. Fix "share to Pocket" implementation when called from other apps
  2. Display US price in packages as fallback (if local price can't be loaded) (January 17th, 2016) Windows Phone#
  1. Update packages
  2. Update about text
  3. Prevent Premium packages from failing to load
  4. Remove Poki for Windows hint (June 10th, 2015) Windows Phone#
  1. Update packages
  2. Fix link to dev website
  3. Update images of Premium packages to match Windows version
2.0.12 (May 21st, 2015) Windows#

This is the initial release for Windows and includes almost all features of Poki for Windows Phone.


  1. Show images + tags in list
  2. Display author in article
  3. Separate responsive UI for Windows
  4. Enhancements for Windows 10 (May 20th, 2015) Windows Phone#
  1. Update database engine
  2. Fix critical crash on launch
  3. Hint for Poki for Windows (activated on May 21st) (February 4th, 2015) Windows Phone#
  1. New promo code implementation
  2. Activate new free Premium packages after using promo code
  3. Update database engine
  4. Fix crashes which occur in the share screen
  5. General bugfixes (December 12th, 2014) Windows Phone#
  1. Fix broken promo code implementation (December 5th, 2014) Windows Phone#
  1. Rename Poki to "Poki for Pocket" for better discoverability
2.0.1 (October 5th, 2014) Windows Phone#
  1. Fix achievement sharing (didn't work before)
  2. Fix some bugs (as seen in BugSense)
  3. Make buttons in share popup full-width clickable
  4. Don't crop buttons in read view (when displaying article error) (October 4th, 2014) Windows Phone#
  1. Fixes for the purchasing issues
2.0.0 (October 2nd, 2014) Windows Phone#


  1. top Poki 2 is a free app now
  2. The new Poki Premium (in-app payment) enables background sync, offline updates, multi-editing and 4 themes
  3. Promo code feature which unlocks Poki Premium (e.g. used in contests)


  1. Rewritten from scratch for WinRT
  2. Translated into 15 awesome languages
  3. New and lightning-fast database engine
  4. Revamped interface
  5. top Ability to update (add, edit, delete) items when offline
  6. top Automatically sync in the background while Poki is closed
  7. "untagged" tag category
  8. Search input above tags
  9. Search results are not cleared when navigating away
  10. Ability to logout
  11. top Share from other apps to Poki (using the new share contract)
  12. top Replace custom parser with the official parser by Pocket
  13. Account + Achievements are saved and restored across installs
  14. New gray theme
  15. A lot faster on startup and runtime for large lists (e.g. 10.000+)
  16. Cache (up to 100) last read online articles if they are not stored yet
  17. Tutorial for new users
  18. Favorites replaced with highlights view
  19. Improved layout for large screens
  20. Allow badge notification on lockscreen (shows newly added articles since last sync)
  21. Tips which help you to use Poki


  1. "All" filter which shows unread + archived item in one list
  2. top Display estimate reading time (when higher than 5min)
  3. Scroll-to-top by clicking on the Poki logo
  4. Icon for archived items
  5. top Multi-editing mode (finally!)
  6. Sort by reading time
  7. Permanently save selected list filter
  8. View for empty lists
  9. Share from context menu without opening the article
  10. Virtualize lists, so memory is happy!
  11. Go to matching list when clicking on the article count numbers


  1. top 100% screen for reading
  2. top Landscape support
  3. Sepia + gray reading theme
  4. More reliable saving of reading position
  5. top Swipe to next or previous article
  6. Click on URL (on top) to switch to the web version
  7. Ability to share full text or link only
  8. Improved styling of articles a lot to make them less cluttered and better readable
  9. View videos directly in the reading view, in 3rd party apps or in Internet Explorer


  1. top Listen to articles in the background without keeping the app in front
  2. Cache the detected language for articles
  3. Consumes much less battery/memory
  4. Define a fallback voice language in case it can't be automatically detected
  5. Much better recognition of paragraphs and sentences


  1. See overall progress and reading time
  2. Share your progress
  3. top Displays progress for individual achievement items
  4. 10 new achievements
  5. Unobtrusive notifications
  6. Automatically order achievements by "recently achieved"


  1. Option to override the app language
  2. Split settings into new categories
  3. Toggle for "Save current reading position"
  4. Ability to disable all automatic synchronization
  5. Separate controls for article download counts (unread, favorites, archive)
  6. Option to store from least recent to most recent
  7. Live preview of tile customization
  8. Toggle to automatically go back to the list when marking an item as read


  1. Function to reset timestamp and refetch all articles from Pocket (to solve sync issues)
  2. Function to cleanup list by removing old archived articles (can be customized by date-range and exclusion of special articles)

1.2.0 (June 10th, 2014) Windows Phone#
  1. Prevent screen from timeout while listening
  2. Increase trial requests to 100
  3. Fix tile from rendering incorrectly
  4. Update all dependencies
1.1.5 (May 1st, 2014) Windows Phone#
  1. Correct use of accent color in tile + support for transparent tiles
1.1.4 (April 23rd, 2014) Windows Phone#
1.1.3 (March 17th, 2014) Windows Phone#
1.1.2 (March 15th, 2014) Windows Phone#
1.1.0 (March 2nd, 2014) Windows Phone#
  1. Autcompletion for tag editing and add dialog
  2. New live tiles + ability to use accent color as background
  3. Show link dialog when clicking links in articles
  4. Video (Vimeo/Youtube) support in reading view
  5. Added Videos to the list filter
  6. Support for websites with multiple pages
  7. Ability to report faulty articles
  8. Help view for login/registration problems
  9. Toggle for auto-refresh on startup
  10. Select for voice gender
  11. New registration process (fixes reported registration bugs)
  12. Faster updates of items (archive/favorite/delete)
  13. Resuming from tombstone doesn't show blank page anymore
  14. Faster page animations
  15. Increased download speed of articles and images
  16. Fixed article encoding for some languages (e.g. Arabic)
  17. Fix issue that some images don't display in reading view
  18. A lot of improvements to the article view+parser
  19. Maintain scroll- & speak-offsets when items are refreshed
  20. Progress circle is now visible when scrolling up
  21. Listening to articles with no voices installed displays a readable error
  22. Faster loading of search page
  23. Minor UI tweaks
1.0.0 (February 5th, 2014) Windows Phone#
Initial Release of Poki for Windows Phone 8