Beta Channel

Internal changelog and buglist for the Beta channel
Download Poki 2 Beta (for participants only)

  1. Upgrade database
  2. Update all packages
  3. Set default theme to black
  1. Create better background for no image in highlights/last-read
  2. Allow all types of URIs to be added and only validated by the Pocket API itself
  3. Update all packages
  4. Prevent crash on suspend in reading view
  1. Hide domain for emails as username
  2. If text is italic in reading view, display it as a real italic font
  3. Make text of list items smaller; Make logo smaller
  4. List unread items first in search results + tags
  5. New multi-select checkboxes
  6. New bug tracker
  7. New promo code implementation
  8. Activate new free Premium packages after using promo code
  9. Update database engine
  10. Fix crashes which occur in the share screen
  11. General bugfixes
  1. Ability to switch to "last read" instead of highlights
  2. Hide clock in reading view
  3. Prevent web-links to open in reading view (happened sometimes)
  4. Change style of options buttons
  5. Minor theme customizations (especially for black)
  1. Handle a lot of possible crashes
  2. No popup for sharing in article view anymore (displayed in menu now)
  3. Text-selection in article
  4. Pinch-to-zoom in article
  5. Support for HTML5 video
  6. Live tile flips now and displays unread count + text
  1. New tagging system (in edit, multi-edit and share view)
  2. Update design in last pane on the home screen + clip username when too long
  3. Add Italian translation
  1. Fix achievement sharing
  1. Fix some bugs (as seen in BugSense)
  2. Make buttons in share popup full-width clickable
  3. Don't crop buttons in read view (when displaying article error)
  1. Fixes for the purchasing issues
  1. Rainbow!!
  2. Listening mode works now :)
  3. Fixed: Share contract not working anymore and exiting with an error notification
  4. Allow swiping to next/prev article even when they are not available offline (they are downloaded before now)
  5. Cache (up to 100) last read online articles if they are not stored yet
  6. Theme updates
  7. Finalize languages: Portuguese
  8. Fixed: Logout => Login does show old items sometimes
  9. Fix some language mistakes
  10. Make syncing of article content unobtrusive
  11. Fixed: First update action takes a few seconds to initialize
  1. "Hold to save" for links in articles
  2. Fixed: Videoplayer setting not updating anymore
  3. Finalized languages: Spanish, Danish, Russian
  4. Make background task more reliable
  5. Fixed: "Add 100+" achievement got overridden sometimes
  1. Finalized languages: Slovenian
  2. Fixed: Unable to change theme back to dark
  3. Fix a few bugs which caused crashes
  4. Change appbar icon in share view
  1. Everything is faster (implemented new SQLite driver + async wrapper)
  2. Cache the last 10 opened articles when they are not stored on the phone
  3. Make "100+ add" achievement available for items which have been added through other clients
  4. Display language in settings overview (when overridden)
  5. Go to login when user removed access to Pocket for the app
  6. Offline queue is more reliable now
  7. Replace action in queue when editing tags of an item multiple times
  8. Don't animate gauge in achievements share preview
  9. Finalized languages: French
  1. Finalized languages: English, English (British), Polish, German, Norwegian, Chinese, Czech, Slovak
  2. Don't show "Poki Premium" popup on first usage
  1. Allow loading of IAP list to fail
  2. Enable (and review) upgrade/migration from Poki 1
  3. Fix some translation bugs
  1. Improved save times and reliability of reading position
  2. Make article view menu easier
  3. Disable links while swiping to next/prev article
  4. Fixed: Article menu swipe not working when at the bottom of article
  5. Add a surprise for achievement masters
  6. Reporting
  1. Finalize languages: German
  2. Enable Gray theme (for app + reading)
  3. Fixed: Favorite/Unfavorite Archive/Unarchive (of same article) not overriding when moved to queue
  4. Add debug information to mail support
  1. Fix some licensing issues
  2. Update all links to the website
  3. Make a progress circle when licensing options are loading
  1. Refresh statistics + achievements on resume
  2. Allow opening of article menu via swipe
  3. Don't allow purchase after unlocking with a promo code
  4. Set WP & W8 licenses to active when Universal is purchased
  5. Live update list + queue after background task finishes when app is in foreground
  6. Don't reload article when opening it again
  7. Swipe to previous article :-)
  8. Make swipe to next article smoother
  9. Allow swipe to next article from everywhere on the screen
  10. Don't display faulty queue items (in case they exist)
  11. New article "view" menu
  12. Fixed: Swipe to next article does only work one time
  13. More offset between headline and toggles
  1. Add languages: Slovak, Portuguese
  2. Restore reading position when switching between landscape/portrait
  3. Start updating licensing model again (more to come)
  4. Add splash screen
  5. Update colors for black theme a bit
  6. Dialog for sharing from article view
  7. Use Segoe WP again for article headline
  8. Fix a crash when app is suspended
  9. Add logout option to tasks
  10. Add "tips" button to ADD popup
  11. New share icon for item context menu; new icons for tasks and tips
  12. Increase hitbox size for article menu toggle
  13. Move progress circle (in reading view) to the bottom
  14. Make item font a bit larger beta-2#
  1. New database engine (fucking awesome, wohooo). Fast, faster, this!
  2. Add languages: Russian, Danish, French, Spanish
  3. Enable new licensing via IAPs (free for beta users, for sure)
  4. New view for tags
  5. Fixed: Sometimes loading status bar is not displayed when syncing
  6. New dropdowns (fixes: Dropdown styling in light OS theme)
  7. Fixed: Don't open soft keyboard when clicking on tag and it was hidden before
  8. Activate manual language switch
  9. Remove lazy loading of article images, as the WebView handles this itself
  10. Revamp share view (when sharing from other apps)
  11. Fix crash on initial download of articles
  12. Fix possible crash when loading highlights
  13. Use the "automatically sync on startup" feature for suspended app state too
  14. Achievement texts can be multiline now (for longer texts)
  15. Resize images for highlights view
  16. New share icon in read-view
  17. Fixed: Tags do not load on initial sync
  18. Much faster startup
  19. Remove toggle to save reading position (always on)
  20. New transition when navigating to article
  21. New headline font in articles
  22. Make poki logo smaller
  23. Reduce memory usage òÓ
  24. Search by text works offline now
  25. Go to matching list when clicking on the article count numbers
  1. Deleting an article doesn't remove it from the highlights pane + search view
  2. Fix crash when filtering list
  3. Make it easier to swipe to next article in landscape
  4. Layout stutters when swiping to next article
  5. Add captions to images when they exist
  6. Remove some weird codes at the end of theverge articles
  7. Change licensing model (NOT ENABLED YET)
  8. New design for the highlights
  9. Fix crash when sharing empty article
  10. Fix a crash on startup (Karthikeyan is really punishing the app :D)
  1. Auto-suggestion of tags when sharing from other apps
  2. Tags are not saved when sharing from other apps
  3. Multi-editing => edit tags
  4. Move reading bar handle to the right and progress circle to the top
  5. Landscape support for the reading view
  6. Add languages: Czech
  7. If Video Player is "App", vimeo videos can launch in vimeo app now
  8. App reinitializes when closing after initialization
  9. Resuming the app loads the initially opened article (when in article view and swiped to next article)
  10. Some achievements are not progressing properly
  11. Fix crash on database initialization
  12. App crash when viewing videos (in some cases)
  1. Fix crash when updating items from multiselection
  2. Fix crash when resuming app
  3. Fix crash when opening article
  4. Fix crash when viewing Storage settings or Intro
  5. Make opening an article faster
  6. Remove blurred text when logging in
  1. Option to change app language (experimental)
  2. Add languages: Slovenian, Norwegian
  3. Sometimes reading position isn't saved
  4. Show Pio in Wide Tile :)
  5. Toggle to disable automatic displaying of (online) article images (experimental)
  6. Scrollbar in Article view isn't hidden sometimes
  7. Article popup menu hides last sentence at bottom
  8. Images not loading in Kotaku articles
  1. Popup menu when you finish the article
  2. Make web-link (open in browser) in articles better visible
  3. Add languages: Polish, English (UK), Chinese (Simplified), German, Dutch
  4. Fix crash (due to audio player) on app resume
  5. Enable word-flow keyboard for input of tags (share, add, edit)
  6. Live tile badge shows new message count up to 99 now (no * anymore)
  1. Fix crash when clicking on invalid/broken link in reading view
  2. Proof if displayed images are valid / not broken
  3. App crashes sometimes when opening articles
  4. Clicking on the poki logo did crash the app sometimes
  5. WPCentral articles can't be downloaded in the background
  6. Fix crash in share view
  1. Active selection buttons (like voice gender, bg task interval, ...) are hard to distinguish
  2. Old Pocket URI scheme doesn't work anymore (e.g. as used in WPCentral or bookmarklet)
  3. Remove lines from settings overview
  4. Display error when starting audio if no text is available
  5. Offline language detection of articles (with online fallback)
  6. Don't close multi-editing mode when unselecting first item
  7. White theme fix for multi-selection mode
  8. Make list filter animation faster
  9. Fix link when clicking on "buy poki"
  1. Crash on startup after login (probably because of BG task registration)
  1. Fix BugSense integration (silly me ...) beta-1#


  1. Rewritten from scratch for WinRT
  2. New and faster database engine
  3. Revamped interface
  4. top Ability to update (add, edit, delete) items when offline
  5. top Automatically sync in the background while Poki is closed
  6. "untagged" tag category
  7. Search input above tags
  8. Search results are not cleared when navigating away
  9. Ability to logout
  10. top Share from other apps to Poki (using the new share contract)
  11. top Replace custom parser with the official parser by Pocket (custom parser is used as fallback (e.g. wpcentral))
  12. Account + Achievements are saved and restored across installs
  13. A lot faster on startup and runtime for large lists (e.g. 10.000+)
  14. Tutorial for new users
  15. Removed "pin article" feature
  16. Promo code feature
  17. Favorites replaced with highlights view
  18. Improved layout for large screens
  19. Allow badge notification on lockscreen (shows newly added articles from background task)


  1. "All" filter which shows unread + archived item in one list
  2. top Display estimate reading time (when higher than 5min)
  3. Scroll-to-top by clicking on the Poki logo
  4. Icon for archived items
  5. top Multi-editing mode (finally!)
  6. Permanently save selected list filter
  7. View for empty lists
  8. Sort by reading time
  9. Share from context menu without opening the article
  10. Virtualize lists, so memory is happy!


  1. 100% screen for reading
  2. Only load images into memory when in view
  3. Sepia reading theme
  4. top Swipe from right edge to read next article
  5. Click on URL (on top) to switch to the web version
  6. Ability to share full text
  7. Improved styling of articles a lot to make them less cluttered and better readable
  8. View videos in directly in the reading view, in 3rd party apps or in Internet Explorer


  1. top Listen to articles in the background without keeping the app in front
  2. Cache the detected language for articles
  3. Consumes much less battery/memory
  4. Define a fallback voice language in case it can't be automatically detected
  5. Much better recognition of paragraphs and sentences


  1. See overall progress and reading time
  2. Share your progress
  3. top Displays progress for individual achievement items
  4. 10 new achievements
  5. Unobstrusive notifications
  6. Automatically order achievements by "recently achieved"


  1. Split settings into new categories
  2. Toggle for "Save current reading position"
  3. Ability to disable all automatic synchronization
  4. Separate controls for article download counts (unread, favorites, archive)
  5. Ability to turn off image download
  6. Option to store from least recent to most recent
  7. Live preview of tile customization
  8. Toggle to automatically go back to the list when marking an item as read


  1. Function to reset timestamp and refetch all articles from Pocket (to solve sync issues)
  2. Function to cleanup list by removing old archived articles (can be customized by date-range and exclusion of special articles)